UC Leuven-Limburg



A merger between the country’s biggest higher education institutes kind of feels like commandeering the Roman empire, attempting to have soldiers, colonels and elephants march in the same direction. Three institutions in the Leuven-Limburg area, Groep T, KHLim and KHLeuven, were to be aligned to form one strong brand.


To have all stakeholders rooting for the same cause, the solution would be to put together a toolbox that allowed everyone to play by the same rules of clear communication. From the printer manufacturing syllabi to the internal communication manager: they would have to swear upon their freshly structured graphic bible. However, graphics alone are largely insufcient to streamline all forms of communication. To warrant the brand identity in every instance, this identity needed to be rooted in a much deeper thought. The common ideology that permeates every action of the UCLL centers around the conviction that schools do not operate in a vacuum. The duty of a university is to breed students who look further than their classes, students who are worldly citizens and who take on the future with both hands. In short, it’s all about Moving Minds.


First, UCLL dove into a cooperation with pop festival Pukkelpop. A team of students of different fields of study teamed up to make the festival greener, designing and building a smart energy grid for one of the country’s biggest festivals. 1 stage, 150 solar panels and 2 wind mills made Pukkelpop greener than its famous lush pastures already were. To keep sending students out into real life and putting their abilities to the test, we used the city of Genk as a live lab to create seven pop up shops, independently run by senior students. But we didn’t stop there. In a more international project, students endeavoured to nd durable solutions for Benins endangered rice cultivation, travelling abroad and being immersed in the local culture to receive first-hand feedback on their efforts. In short, we’ve translated the open-minded, internationally oriented views that are at the core of UCLL into a series of campaigns and actions that aim to attract new students.


UCLL has succeeded in aligning all communication channels in a short amount of time, thus creating a single, coherent image that is founded on an open-minded philosophy which appeals to students. On a parallel track, the creation of internal documents, ranging from pictures, videos and print to content for the brand new website, runs smoothly, thanks to clear guidelines and a central management system that handles freelancers and media in a very exible manner.