Bookkeeping is fun! (If you have the right tools and expert insight.)


Moore Stephens is one of the brighter stars in the sky where accountancy firms are concerned. They are an international network, yet firmly rooted in Belgian soil thanks to their history as a family business. Moore Stephens advise many small to medium-sized companies on how to handle their numbers, set up legal constructions and find feasible paths to growth. They feel the need of their clients to have access to up to date figures in order to better steer their company towards success. These days, the switch to online accounting is inevitable. The question remains how to make a mark in a market that has been standing still ever since those online tools have made their appearance.


To delve into our subject, we figured we should first talk to some entrepreneurs. We got our camera out and asked a bunch of enthusiastic businessmen and women how they feel about book keeping. The most frequent reply? A great big sigh. This is the 21st century, no one wants to be keeping track of expenses and parking tickets. Having to deduct four Christmas trees from your company expenses is a nuisance — if you even manage to find the receipt. Print is dead and online tools are the answer, yes. However, who do you call when the numbers don’t add up?
Right there. This realisation proved to be Moore Stephens’s long-awaited opportunity to create waves in a stagnating market environment: the combination of online convenience with the trustworthy advice of a well-informed expert is a complete novelty. This double-track strategy called for an integrated approach, involving everyone from Moore Stephens’s own accountancy team to the final customer.


To be able to specifically target small and medium-sized businesses, we created a new sub-brand for Moore Stephens, which is better suited to the needs of the modest entrepreneur. Oktav is a software system that doesn’t need to fear the lack of a personal touch — a sad side-effect of computers taking over. A team of 120 well-versed accountants are ready to follow up on every move their clients make, advising them at every bend in the road.
Money is serious business. Therefore, we needed clients to trust us. We named the new brand Oktav, after the company’s patriarch, he himself a hard working man. We vowed never to use any of the article-2-bis jargon accountancy firms like to juggle with and to keep the tone personal and friendly, instead of cold and distant. User-friendly software combined with crystal clear communication is key.
The new brand was revealed first to employees during an event in which they could experience, step by step, what the thought process had been. Out with the old, in with the new. Next, clients received a coffee cup in the mail that said ‘I love my accountant’, with a leaflet telling them all about their new best friend, Oktav. A greater audience was targeted through radio spots and online ads claiming ‘book keeping is no drama’ later, thus enlarging the customer base.


Thanks to this brand new software, the books are always up to date. One can now add invoices to the system anytime, anywhere. We call it live accounting: at any given time, users know exactly how their company is doing. No more waiting for ‘the numbers’ at the end of every quarter. Clients are always in the know, allowing them to make snap decisions and be ahead of trouble at all times.