How, you might wonder, does one boost sales for a beer that’s mostly sold in night shops and has no hopes of being picked up by beer fanatics praising its authentic, traditional taste? We thought we’d give honesty a try. Besides making our grandma proud, our unapologetic “Nothing to prove” campaign boosted brand awareness and resulted in sales curving up a good 7%. Cheers to that.


Let’s face it: beer is a men’s thing. So we can see why breweries all over the globe would advertise using gleaming six pack bodies chugging cans while merrily doing squats for breakfast. Except most men don’t look like that. They have beer bellies and a four day stubble and busy jobs. Admittedly, Gordon used to be one of those brands with heroic tv spots starring bulls and snakes and heavy metal soundtracks. No more. We’ve shed our aura of valiant supremacy and wrote a manifesto that would forever change the image and strategy of Gordon beer. Because we have nothing to prove.

Nothing to prove

When a great idea comes along, we’d be crazy not to put it to our advantage. When social media were overrun by a hype named ‘neknomination’, a dozen bells in our heads went ring-a-ding-dong. If you were nominated, your challenge consisted in downing a glass of beer or liquor in the most far-fetched manner. Soon, Facebook and YouTube were brimming with guys slurping tequila from a toilet bowl hanging upside down and making an ass out of themselves in silly costumes. As each video aimed to outsmart the former, stunts became increasingly reckless. To stop this madness, we launched a website where every neknominee could record a video with brains and a message. After uploading your picture, you could pick one of many prerecorded voice-overs, eloquently spelling out which stupidities you chose not to commit. Like bellydancing on the roof of a riding truck, to the tune of Enya, just to name one. These hilarious videos, featuring the characteristic Gordon voice, went viral and helped stop this nonsensical hype.

Night shop election

Gordon is the kind of beer you buy at a night shop. Those are not exactly a target area for most brands, but we thought it better to face the facts and turn this so-called weakness into a strength. Then the question arose: how to go from being “a” night shop beer to being “the” night shop beer? Not a single marketeer had ever thought of charming a night shop owner. But why wouldn’t we? In order to thank these good folks for their nightly endeavours, we set up an election. 2400 text messages were sent by fans who used objective criteria like “open after sunset” or “tv yelling in back room” to select their favourite shop. Thanks to the Gordon campaign packages we handed to the 300 candidates, Gordon is now on display right on their countertop. Not only are we now best friends with just about every night shop owner, sales have gone up 7,4%