Come a casa

It is said that even bad press is good press. However, when it comes to ready-made meals, the general perception is that they are not very healthy, albeit cheap. Frozen pizzas are frowned upon and deemed unfit for urbanites with healthy aspirations. That is exactly why in September 2016 Come A Casa, part of the larger Terbeke concern, and manufacturer of quick pasta packages, launched a new premium line dubbed Delicious. Three new ready-made dishes, Lasagna Royale, Ravioli di Mare and Farfalle Pancetta Formaggio, now grace the supermarket aisles. Based on fresh ingredients, these meals are aimed at a generation that’s always on the go. While often lacking the time for concocting elaborate meals at home, this particular niche does like to think healthy. 10 Advertising oversaw the media for this campaign, catching generation Y in its natural habitat: the urban jungle.