WHat’s in a case

Have you ever thought about the switches you turn off and on to chase away the darkness? You haven’t. You did, however, spend lots of time finding the right shade of kitchen cabinets and have polished your concrete floors to perfection. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. From installing these buttons to the ones designing your house: none of them has ever properly pondered the switch.
And that’s a pity, really, because BTicino spends a lot of time, energy and funds on researching how smart switches can improve your life. Their innovative designs are all about practical solutions: the right switch saves you money on the electricity bill and comes with bright life hacks (say goodbye to the tangled mess of smart phone cables!). Sadly, their efforts go largely unnoticed. Up to 80% of consumers automatically choose the standard cream-coloured switches manufactured by competitor Niko.


Most cases of advertising could be argued to exist for the sake of winning the hearts of consumers. In this case, it were their minds we were rooting for. From being sadly overlooked, smart switched should be routinely made a part of the building process for architects, wholesalers, builders. Picking the right switch should become a reflex. To achieve that, we would have to convert one stakeholder after another, convincing them of the advantages of BTicino’s buttons.
On our quest, three obstacles lay ahead. One: no one could tell the difference between standard Niko switches and advanced BTicino ones. Two: Hardly anyone considered even trying the latter. Three: Both the architect and the installer were unaware of BTicino’s smart solutions. Yet they are the most important link in the chain between producers, wholesalers and consumers. Flipping things around, they would make for perfect spokespersons — if we could convince them to come over to the light side.


We went straight for the weak spot of real craftsmen: the pride they take in the quality of their work. Both installers and architects want to leave their clients highly satisfied. So we reasoned with these artisans, using arguments that they themselves had only to repeat to their customers. We made them a neat little sales kit and thus created a channel that would lead straight to happy home owners. In turn, we added the contacts of cooperating architects and installers on our website, where thousands search the database for skilled contractors every month.
While this circle went on repeating itself, we started targeting the consumer audience from a whole other angle as well. Big fairs like Batibouw serve as an ideal playground to tickle one’s curiosity. To magnify the ways in which BTicino could help, we’ve turned the BTicino fair booth into the most helpful and benevolent of all, literally overstating every way we can be of service.


Thanks to our efforts, switches are now far from being forgotten. They’ve become a part of the building process, as are bathroom tiles and the choice of bricks for the garden barbecue. Everyone involved in this process, from the architect to the brand-new house owners, views smart switches as a big plus, not just another nuisance that needs dealing with.