Ever since Jamie Oliver happened, cooking has moved up from people’s bellies to their hearts. In the midst of the sprawling array of cookware suppliers, ATAG had upheld their image of serious, businesslike providers of industrialised steel and catalogues with lengthy, technical descriptions. Since 2008, this approach seemed to lose its grip: ATAG’s premium technology kept on advancing at a rapid pace, yet sales refused to follow. Up until then, everybody had wanted an ATAG kitchen. The target audience consisted of an impressive 40% of the whole population. The problem is that 40% of everybody makes for a very heterogenous group, encompassing from everything home chefs to actual chefs, as well as a large segment of kitchen retailers and representatives.


In short, a little commotion was needed. In order to reach the far corners of the widespread ATAG target group, we needed to shake things up, starting at the core. We set out to look for a common denominator, something all concerned parties shared, retailers and customers alike. Basically, we needed to out what was cooking in their kitchens. Next we would need to rethink the whole brand based on this common set of values and lay out a multifaceted campaign to reach and convince everyone involved. This was not a case of pouring a tasty looking graphic sauce over a dish already gone cold. ATAG’s basic ingredients were of the nest quality already. Our task was to whisk it all into haute cuisine that would have every foodie lining up for seconds.


When speaking to gastronomy lovers, it’s not hard to find out what titillates their palate. Their passion for cooking is in their every word. It dictates not only the dishes on their dining table, but also the placing of that same table, the type of oven they will pick and the size of the dishwasher. So why not let them decide? Clearly there can be no greater guide to a ourishing brand than enthusiastic ambassadors who are in the know. So from now on, at ATAG, it’s the cooks who decide everything, from the shape of the buttons on the cooker to the recipes in the magazine. Following the lead of our new-found advisors, we reinvented the shops to incorporate a more hands-on experience, including workshops and live demos. We created a brand movie that’s all about the love of culinary art. We tossed aside the dull and pricey catalogue and replaced it with a vibrant magazine that reects the world of our panel of food fanatics and created an online consumer community where they can share their knowledge.


Hardly a year after ATAG’s relaunch as a cooking brand, the word revolution springs to mind. After carefully implementing every aspect of the campaign, starting in March 2013, sales started soaring as of December of that same year. For the first time since 2008, ATAG is growing again, both in value and in volume, and still climbs the steep hill of improved sales as we speak.