10 launches Oktav: accountancy without the drama


Accounting and consultancy firm Moore Stephens launches a new brand for small and medium sized companies as well as independent entrepreneurs: Oktav. Oktav is the way to go when talking online book keeping. A team of specialised accountants, equipped with the latest in smart digital tools, are the pioneers in what we like to call “live accounting”. You upload your invoices online, when and where you like, and Oktav immediately processes your data and gives you pointers on where to improve. That way, your accounting is always on point and your numbers up to date.


Together, Moore Stephens and 10 have created the philosophy behind the brand, from which a strategy, a corporate identity and a baseline have evolved: “Oktav. When your accountancy works with you.” The campaign is launched today.


“Classic book keeping is over — Oktav combines today’s technology with accounting craftsmanship.”
(Hans Cools, CEO Moore Stephens)


The insights that have led to this campaign were unearthed during interviews with entrepreneurs from the target audience. If Brussels sprouts are number one on the national list of unpopular items, then book keeping comes in as a close second. Accounting is a pile of paperwork, it’s free Sunday afternoons gone down the drain, it’s a litany of incomprehensible lingo. In short, it’s lots of drama.


It was clear Oktav wasn’t to be a software package, it needed to become a way to extract the drama out of entrepreneurial life.


The campaign targets a sophisticated group online (both in terms of audience and behaviour) and consits of ads on social media and on the radio. In the radio campaign we hear entrepreneurs (aka drama queens and kings) singing about their stress and anxiety to the tunes of Raygun’s Peter Baert. Do you also feel book keeping is such a drama? Then discover Oktav on their brand new website: www.oktav.be, made by Wijs.





Title: Boekhouden, de musical
Agency: 10
Client: Moore Stephens – Oktav
Client Contact: Hans Cools
Creatives: Maarten Hofman & Katrin Van Eycken
Strategy: Denis Ghys
Account manager: Thomas Schiltz
Production: Raygun
Music: Peter Baert